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It has been a little while since I have written due to an issue with the webpage, but that has been resolved.

Last Sunday was the Super Bowl and now we know that the winner was the New England Patriots by a score of 13-3 over the Los Angeles Rams. This game has been defined as some as being a boring game because of the lack of offense and scoring.

There are some things we can note about the Super Bowl: 1) There are two opponents involved in the game. 2) There was an eventual winner. 3) There was an award that was presented to the victorious team. We can made some comparisons between this game and our lives. We are also engaged in a battle against an opponent. We face an adversary who is intent on destroying us. Our opponent is like a lion stalking its prey. We know that our enemy is destined for defeat, for he was defeated when Jesus Christ went tot he cross and died to pay for sins and rose victorious over death. There is no question who the winner will be. And Jesus has promised that if we will remain faithful to him, that we, too, will be raised from death to live that is everlasting. And there is an award that will be presented to us at the end of this contest. When we stand before the judgment of Jesus Christ we can hear him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” Our trophy is one that will never fade in its glory and beauty.

There is a difference that we need to point out too. In the Super Bowl football game the winner is determined by who plays the best game and who scores the most points. For us, victory is determined by what Jesus Christ has done for us. He has defeated the enemy. He has give us the victory through his death and resurrection. Our victory is not dependent on us – it is already won by our Savior, Jesus Christ. We are called to remain faithful and steadfast until the end.

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