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This week we are in Pigeon Forge, TN, for the annual Winter Worship Workshop, sponsored by Barnabas Ministries of Gallipolis, Ohio. This is a gathering of Christian people for a time of encouragement. The Lord is praised through music and singing and preaching from the Word. It is a time of uplifting our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Who doesn’t need to be encouraged? Everyone I know needs encouragement at least once in a while. We have an enemy who is intent on destroying us and will use any means possible. It can be discouraging when we battle our enemy daily and we feel like we have been beaten down.

The Scriptures have a focus on our relationships with one another. You can think right now of several passages that address an issue of ‘one another.’ We are to ‘love one another’, ‘pray for one another’, ‘be compassionate to each other’, and ‘forgive one another.’ Too often we might be tempted to focus on self and think that it is ‘all about me’, but this is a temptation that we must put away.

This week why not focus on one of the aspects of ‘one another’ found in the Scriptures? Think of one of your brothers/sisters in Christ and apply the ‘one another’ ministry to them. It will be blessing for them and for you.

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