This past Sunday, January 26, Joan and I shared in a most precious and joyous experience. We were able to be present for the baptism of our grandson, Mason. Mason’s dad, Daryn, baptized him at the Centerburg, Ohio, Church of Christ. Mason has grown up in the church from the time of his birth. He had recently completed a class at the church about being a Christian and made his decision. Joan and I are thankful that we were allowed to take the time away so we could share in this blessed time. We are thankful that our children are teaching their children the importance of following Jesus and being obedient to Him.

I was shocked to learn of the death of former National Basketball Association great, Kobe Bryant. It wasn’t until Sunday evening at our church service that I learned of the accident that took his life and that of his daughter and seven others. This was a tragic accident indeed. But it bears out a great principle of truth. It matters not who you are, whether or not you have celebrity status, death comes to us all. Death can come at unexpected times and in unexpected ways. Death comes suddenly and life is quickly over. I don’t know if Kobe Bryant had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but I do know that he will stand some day in the presence of Jesus Christ to give an accounting of his life. The truth is that we all must be prepared to leave this world through death for death is not a respecter of persons.

Progress continues to be made on the new worship facility. I am amazed as I watch from day to day. We are thankful for the good weather conditions that have enabled the work crew to work uninterrupted. We are thankful for God’s safety over them as they travel some distance each work day. They are traveling about two hours round trip and we continue to ask God’s safety and blessing on them. The target date for completion is Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020. I don’t know if the building will be completely finished by then, but it would be wonderful if we could have our worship assembly in the new building on that day. We have placed the order for our the new chairs for the worship assembly. If you would like to help with the purchase of chairs, please contact us or you can click on the online giving icon on this website and mark your gift for new chairs. The cost of a chair is $60.00.

Please come and be our guest at Central Church of Christ. We would love to meet you perhaps for the first time or to renew an acquaintance.

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