PROGRESS – what a wonderful image. Progress on the new worship facility is moving right along. Today they are setting the main entry doors. They have begun putting insulation in the ceiling. By the end of the week they will be hanging dry wall. Inspections have been passed and almost all inspection have been completed. Soon, the new worship facility will be completed and we will be meeting there. There is excitement growing as we move ever closure to the day of completion.

In the worship assembly yesterday, (March 1) we were privileged to host Bro. Russell Johnson of The Solomon Foundation. This is the organization through whom we have secured our loan. Russell delivered a very powerful and challenging message for us. He used three words that stand out in my mind now: ‘Visualize, Actualize Realize.’ He also announced that The Solomon Foundation was giving us a grant of $2,000.00 into our account. What a blessing that is.

As we think about the word ‘PROGRESS’ what images come to your mind? Are you imagining the PROGRESS you are making in your personal relationship and growth with Jesus Christ? Are you seeing a difference in your walk with Christ? Are you farther along in your spiritual journey than you were last year at this time? One of the greatest problems in the church today is the lack of growth among those of us who belong to the church. We are almost at the point that we celebrate being stagnant. I am not satisfied with ‘holding my own’. I want to see a greater involvement in the ministry of my church. I want to see a greater commitment of my time to my church. I want to see a deeper level of giving financially to my church. I want to see a deeper level of commitment to my church. I hope that is your attitude also.

God is so good to us daily. Is it asking too much from us to be faithful in our attending the worship assembly each week? Is it asking too much from us to be financially supportive of the work and programs of the church in which we are trying to reach our community? Is it asking too much to have a greater involvement than merely attending occasionally? I think not. Let’s determine that we are going to make PROGRESS in our walk with Jesus Christ.

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