June 5, 2018

Building For Our Future…

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Central has been located in Portsmouth, Ohio, on the corner of Grandview and Robinson Avenues for nearly 100 years. In the words of Jesus, “A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” Central Church of Christ has long been a part of this community and people know the long, rich history of the church. But it is not the long past history that we want to talk about…we do not want to only glory in the past. We are interested in what the church is doing today and keeping our future as bright as possible.

The building that the Central Church has met in for many years is in really bad shape.  Central has been raising funds for a few years now to go towards building a new building.  Plans have been drawn up to give an idea for that future.  If you want Central to continue to be that ‘city set on hill which cannot be hidden‘ that Jesus talked about, to help us minister to our community by meeting their needs and leading them to the Lord then we want to ask you to partner with us in a few ways:

  1. First, pray about what God would like for you to do
  2. Second, be faithful in doing what you believe God has asked you to do
  3. Speak positive & encouraging words often to the community about what Central is doing

If you believe that God is wanting you to partner with us financially for this future, you can do that a couple of different ways by giving in the regular offering  or during the week (checks made to Central Church of Christ with Building Fund written in the memo).  You can also use our Online Giving (click here) and indicate Building Fund in your giving.

Whatever the Lord leads you to do in partnering with us please know there is nothing so small or so great that God can’t take it and do ‘immeasurably  more than we can can ever hope for or imagine‘ (Ephesians 3:20).