Dennis Dawes

I am not a big soccer fan but I am a fan of something that happened at the World Cup Games this summer. This event… Read More »

This Sunday morning at 10:30 we will continue our sermon series from 1 Corinthians, “Christians In Camouflage”. The message for Sunday is titled, “Building On… Read More »

This past Sunday was a terrific day for Central. We met at ETC Riverside Park for our worship assembly and our church picnic. We had… Read More »

It was Adrian Rogers who said, “Satan can’t keep God from answering our prayers, but he will keep us from asking.” Have you ever not… Read More »

Our good friend, Lowell Mason, sends out a daily devotion.  I want to share one that he posted on June 30 of this year.  The… Read More »

As many of the people in Portsmouth know, especially those who live in the north end of the city, we have been experiencing water woes. … Read More »

I recall a hymn that used to be sung frequently in the church services but I must admit it has been quite a while since… Read More »

Mark Twain said on one occasion:  “I’ll take Heaven for the climate and Hell for society.”  We assume that Mark Twain wasn’t really serious when… Read More »

“Old age is a blessed time.  It gives us leisure to put off our earthly garments one by one, and dress ourselves for heaven.  Blessed… Read More »

EASTER AT CENTRAL      This Sunday, April 1st, will be a great day of celebration and rejoicing.  We will come together to celebrate the… Read More »